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Wat Suwannaram Rajaworawihan (Wat Suwan)

Wat Suwannaram Rajaworawihan
(Wat Suwan)

     Wat Suwannaram (Wat Suwan) is located on the western bank of Bangkok Noi Canal. It is approached from Charan Sanitwong Road, opposite Bang Khun Non. The temple dates from the Ayutthaya Period and was called originally Wat Thong. King Rama I ordered the temple to be completely renovated and renamed it Wat Suwannaram.
     Somdej Krom Phra Rajawang Boworn Mahasurasinghanart ordered the construction of a crematorium for royalty and high officials. Cremations of such personages traditionally took place outside the outer walls of the city. The crematorium continued in use until the reign of King Rama IV. During renovations of Wat Suwannaram in the Third Reign, the King had the royal artists of the day compete with each other in painting the murals in the phra ubosot. These artists included Luang Vichit Chesada (Thongyoo), who painted the Nemeraja Chadok, and Luang Seni Borirak (Khong Pae), who painted the Mahosot Chadok.

     The phra ubosot of Wat Suwannaram was built in the style prevailing during the reign of King Rama I, that is, having redented columns. The presiding Buddha image in the phra ubosot is in the marn vichai pose and seems to be the work of the same master who cast the Phra Sri Sakayamunee at Wat Suthat. It is thus believed that the image was brought from Sukhothai during the reign of King Rama I. Other buildings of architectural interest include the phra vihara and the beautiful wooden monks' residences.

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Address Location: Wat Suwannaram, Bangkoknoi, Bangkok, Thailand (not too far from the Royal Barges Museum)

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